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Materials and Devices

Materials and Devices is an Open Access journal managed by academics, which publishes original, and peer-reviewed papers accessible only via internet, freely for all. Your published article can be freely downloaded, and self archiving of your paper is allowed and encouraged!

The topics covered by the journal are wide, Materials and Devices aims at publishing papers on all aspects of studies on materials, and related devices. This includes solid state physics and chemistry, chemical physics, materials science, microelectronics, photonics,... and all types of materials. 

Papers on biomaterials, geomaterials, archeomaterials or on studies of ancient materials are also welcome. A particular attention is also paid on environmental studies related with materials.  

Authors are also encouraged to submit papers on theoretical studies applied to materials, including pure mathematical approaches, physical approaches, models, numerical simulations, etc.

We apply « the principles of transparency and best practice in scholarly publishing » as defined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Materials and Devices is a new journal, and as such, is not yet indexed though published articles receive a DOI. However in future we shall consider as a priority task, to reach a significant impact factor for this journal. 

Articles are published under the responsability of authors, in particular concerning the respect of copyrights. Readers are aware that the contents of published articles may involve hazardous experiments if reproduced; the reproduction of experimental procedures described in articles is under the responsability of readers and their own analysis of potential danger.

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