Framework structure crystalline materials and Rigid Unit Modes (RUMs)

Introducing the new concept of MLRUMs and skeletions


  • Pierre Saint Gregoire Collaborating Academics
  • Mikhail B. Smirnov Physical Department, Saint-Petersburg State University




Book chapter (
This article reviews Framework Structures (FWSs), defined as crystalline
materials built of rigid AXn polyhedra sharing vertices (like perovskites, tungsten bronzes,
Dion-Jacobson, Ruddlesden-Popper, and Aurivillius phases, quartz, silicates, and others),
and their pecularities resulting from this linkage. The situation of rigid units linked by
common vertices may allow the units to accomplish concordant rotations without
deformation, which gives rise to soft phonon modes called “Rigid Unit Modes” (RUMs). The
condensation of a RUM can trigger structural phase transitions to a structure of lower
symmetry, with tilted polyhedra, at the origin of spontaneous ferroic or multiferroic
properties. We overview results precedently obtained on RUMs in perovskites, tetragonal
tungsten bronzes, and quartz, and detail new results on “maximally localized RUMs”
(MLRUMs), a fundamental new concept in the physics of RUMs. We introduce also the
related new concept of “skeletions” that allows to generate all ferroelastic phases found in
these systems, and generalizes the Glazer's tilt-system approach.


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