OAJ Materials and Devices, vol 5(1), Chap No 2 in “Perovskites and other framework crystals: new trends and perspectives” (Coll. Acad. 2020) DOI:10.23647/ca.md20202105

Functional Perovskites: Structure-Properties Correlations


  • Dr. A. K. BERA Solid State Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai 400085




The perovskite structure with general formula ABX3 shows its multidimensional nature in regards to correlations of crystal structures with electronic, magnetic, optical, and catalytic properties. Perovskites are utilized in a large range of applications due to their tremendous versatility. In this chapter, structure-properties correlations in oxide perovskite compounds ABO3 having several functional properties are presented. In particular, neutron and x-ray diffraction results are described to reveal a direct correlation of several important physical properties, such as magnetic, multiferroic, electronic (CMR), and SOFC electrodes with the crystal structures.


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