Graphene-titanate photocatalyst and its use in an air purifying device - prototype demonstration in operational environment


  • Tomasz Baran SajTom Light Future
  • Szymon Wojtyła SajTom Light Future


Photocatalysis, semiconductors, volatile organic compounds, air purifer, air pollutants, GRAPHENE, TITANATE, NiTiO3, CuTiO3, COPPER TITANATE/GRAPHENE OXIDE, REDUCED GRAPHENE OXIDE


Volatile organic compounds constitute a group of dangerous air pollutants, which can be eliminated by the photocatalytic route. In this work we demonstrated the hydrothermal synthesis of photocatalytic composite CTO-RGO based on copper titanate and reduced graphene oxide. The material is composed of three phases namely rutile, tenorite and reduced graphene oxide, and it shows absorption in a broad range of light (ultraviolet and visible light). CTO-RGO showed an excellent photocatalytic activity in a laboratory scale experiment. Therefore it has been used as an active material in air purifying devices. A prototype was tested in operational environments such as apartment, fitness center and industrial places. Obtained results confirmed the significant decrease of VOC level due to photocatalytic degradation of pollutants.


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