Investigation of DNA denaturation from generalized Morse potential

radouane el kinani


In this paper, we present a non-linear model for DNA denaturation. We assume that the double-strands DNA interact via a realistic generalized Morse potential that reproduces well the features of the real interaction, as well as the used DNA model and that of Peyrard and Bishop. Using the Transfer Matrix Method, based on the resolution of a Schrödinger equation, we first determine exactly their solution, which are found to be bound states. Second, from an exact expression of the ground state, we compute the denaturation temperature and the free energy density, in terms of the potential parameters. Then, we calculate the contact probability, which is the probability to find the double-strands at a (finite) distance apart. The main conclusion is that, the present analytical study reveals that the generalized Morse potential is a good candidate for the study of DNA denaturation.



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