Optical properties of PZN-PT nanoparticles thin layer on ITO glass for photovoltaic application

Rémi NDIOUKANE, Diouma KOBOR, Laurence MOTTE, Jeanne SOLARD


In this work, undoped and Mn doped PZN-4.5PT nanoparticles were dispersed in biopolymer and in mixte biopolymer + pentacene as active layer and deposited by spin coating on ITO glasses. Morphological, optical and electrical properties of these layers were investigated. SEM images show the superposition of different deposited layers ITO/TiO2/PZN-PT-np-biopolymer on glass substrate with thicknesses of 1.600 µm, 1.505 µm and 1.765 µm respectively. The absorbance value in UV visible of pentacene layer such devices increases from 75 % to 99 % while the transparency of ITO glasses diminishes from more than 80 % to 2 %. Optical gaps of ITO, TiO2, PZN-PT nanoparticles are respectively 3.75 eV, 3.2 eV and 3.15 eV. Pentacene deposition reduced the gap to 1.65 eV for undoped sample and 1.60 eV for doped. Intermediate gaps (2.3 eV and 2.6 eV for undoped sample and 2.15 eV and 2.7 eV for doped sample) were observed. Photoluminescence performed between 450 nm and 750 nm confirms this intermediate gaps showing the potential application of such materials in solar cells.


perovskite, nanoparticles, thin layers, optical properties, bad gap

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