Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Materials, Microscopy and Energy (ICAMME’19)



scanning transmission electron microscopy, nanoanalysis, atomic scale characterization, plasmon and phonon maps, individual defects and nanostructures, Deep Brain Stimulation, Subthalamic Nucleus, Parkinson’s Disease, Psychiatric Disorders, Animal Models,


The present document gathers communications given at the occasion of the  following events:

- The International Conference on Advanced Materials, Microscopy and Energy (ICAMME’19), that was held in the Faculty of Sciences University Moulay Ismail Meknes-Morocco in April  2019, it has gathered over 150 participants . This event has included different kinds of presentations given by researchers and experts from the national and international scientific community. It has covered a wide spectrum of topics.

-  A specialized spring school that was held before the Conference. The lectures during this school have covered fundamental and applied aspects related to Advanced Materials and Advanced Microscopy and spectroscopy techniques. The school was intended in order of priority to PhD students, Masters 2, Engineers and researchers.

Author Biography

Abdelhai RAHMANI, University Moulay Ismail Meknes

Physics department


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