Mini review Applications of FRET-based supramolecular architectures for temperature sensing and Cancer diagnosis: A mini-review


  • Amir Sohail UAE University


supramolecular architectures, Förster resonance energy transfers, Non-covalent interactions, host-guest chemistry, FRET signals, cancer diagnosis


Supramolecular nanostructured materials, displaying Förster resonance energy transfers (FRET) signals, have become the focus of interest for many researchers across the globe. FRET based supramolecular systems have extended applications in areas as diverse as materials science, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and nanomedicine. The non-covalent phenomena operating in supramolecular frameworks depends on many factors such as wide range of time scales, binding strengths, distances, and concentrations of the supramolecular components (host and guest). Here in, we focus in which FRET has been used to study non-covalent interactions having a key role of cancer diagnosis and temperature sensing in supramolecular systems. Furthermore, we have discussed FRET-based architectures with current advancement in the field and provide a perspective on new advancement for the future.


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